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Installing GearBox on Gentoo Linux

Reviewed for release 1.1
These are detailed instructions for installing GearBox on Gentoo Linux. See Download and Install GearBox for general guidelines.

Portage overlay

The first step is to set up a local overlay for portage. If you already have a local overlay, you can skip this section. If you don't know what an overlay is, see the Gentoo Documentation.

Follow these simple steps to create an overlay:

  1. Create a directory to store the overlay in, for example /usr/local/portage
  2. Set the PORTDIR_OVERLAY variable in /etc/make.conf to include this directory.

Download and copy ebuild

Download the Gearbox ebuild from the Gearbox download page. This ebuild must be copied into the local overlay so that portage can find it. Extract the downloaded files into your local overlay directory. This should create a subdirectory called dev-libs with a subdirectory called gearbox inside it.

Keyword the ebuild

If the Gearbox ebuild is masked, it will need to be unmasked before it can be installed. Add the following line to /etc/portage/package.keywords to unmask it.

dev-libs/gearbox **

Set USE flags

This step is optional. If you wish to install Gearbox with the default options, move on to the next step.

The Gearbox ebuild provides many USE flags to control which libraries are installed. They can be set at install time by specifying them on the command line, for example:

USE="hokuyo_aist" emerge gearbox -av

Alternatively, they can be set more permanantly be specifying them in /etc/portage/package.use:

dev-libs/gearbox hokuyo_aist

A full list of available USE flags is given below. For a list of those provided by your current ebuild for Gearbox, run equery uses gearbox.
docInstalls the documentation
basicEnable the basic example library.
gbxadvancedEnable the advanced example library.
gbxgarminacfrEnabled the GbxGarminAcfr GPS driver.
gbxserialacfrEnable the GbxSerialAcfr serial communications library.
gbxsickacfrEnable the GbxSickAcfr SICK laser scanner driver.
gbxsmartbatteryacfrEnable the GbxSmartBatteryAcfr SmartBattery driver.
gbxutilacfrEnable the GbxUtilAcfr utilities library.
hokuyo_aistEnable the hokuyo_aist Hokuyo laser scanner library.


Run the following command to install Gearbox.

emerge gearbox

Gearbox will be automatically downloaded, compiled with the options you have selected via USE flags, and installed. Any necessary dependencies for the libraries to be installed will also be installed.

Gearbox will be installed with the prefix /usr. Remember to take this into account when setting compile options such as library and include paths for your programs.


To remove Gearbox from your system, run the following command.

emerge -C gearbox

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