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Reviewed for release 9.11.


  1. On any machine
    • Make sure the distributions compile cleanly and the tests don't fail.
  2. On a machine that doesn't build regularly:
    1. Blow away old installation.
    2. Check out clean copy.
    3. Modify the project version in the top-level CMakeLists.txt file (remember to change + to 0 in the patch value).
    4. Modify the 'news' section in the 'index.dox' file.
    5. (Possibly) delete retired directory.
    6. Update LICENSE information by running cmake with GBX_BUILD_LICENSE=ON.
    7. Shunt everything down in 'doc/history.dox'.
    8. Delete any temporary files created by an editor.
    9. Check in those changes.
    10. Tag the distributions, eg with:
      $ svn copy -m 'Tagging release 9.02'
    11. Export a copy of the tag, e.g. with:
      $ svn export gearbox-9.02
    12. Create tarball from this exported directory, named eg. 'gearbox-9.02.tar.gz'
    13. Now the tar-ball is ready to roll. But first test that the original untars and builds cleanly.
    14. Copy the tar-ball to a machine with external access.
  3. Create a new distro through the sourceforge web interface
    • Login a project administrator
    • Click on the 'Edit' link
    • Click on "'Project Admin' -> 'File Manager'"
    • Click on the gear icon next to 'gearbox' directory -> New Folder
    • Name it with the new version name, e.g. 9.02
    • Click on the gear icon next to the new folder -> Uploads Here
    • Click on the 'Upload File' link above the directory listing, select the tar archive, wait for upload.
  4. Update the web page
  5. Move on to the next development cycle
    • Increment the version numbers (eg '9.02.0' -> '9.02.+') in the top-level CMakeLists.txt files.
    • Copy template headings into doc/history.dox

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