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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
hokuyo_aist::ArgErrorBad argument error class
hokuyo_aist::BaseErrorGeneral error class
hokuyo_aist::BaudrateErrorBaudrate error class
gbxnovatelacfr::BestGpsPosDataGps position information
gbxnovatelacfr::BestGpsVelDataGps velocity information
gbxiceutilacfr::Buffer< Type >A thread-safe data pipe with buffer semantics
hokuyo_aist::ChecksumErrorBad checksum error
hokuyo_aist::CloseErrorClose error class
hokuyo_aist::CommandEchoErrorCommand echo error
gbxutilacfr::ComponentStatusStatus of a single component
gbxgarminacfr::ConfigConfiguration structure
gbxnovatelacfr::ConfigAll the information needed to configure the driver
gbxsickacfr::ConfigConfiguration structure
gbxsickacfr::DataData structure returned by read()
hokuyo_aist::DataCountErrorIncorrect number of data sets read error
gbxnovatelacfr::DriverIdea is to create one of these guys (with a valid Config), and then treat it as a data-source, i.e. call read() on it in some kind of loop
gbxsickacfr::DriverSICK driver
hokuyo_aist::EndStepErrorBad end step error class
gbxutilacfr::ExceptionBase class for all GbxUtilAcfr exceptions
hokuyo_aist::FirmwareErrorBad firmware error class
gbxnovatelacfr::GenericDataGeneric (base) type returned by a read
gbxgarminacfr::GenericDataGeneric data type returned by a read
gbxnovatelacfr::GpsOnlyConfigMinimum information needed to configure the receiver in GPS only mode
gbxutilacfr::HardwareExceptionThis exception is raised when something is wrong with the hardware
gbxsmartbatteryacfr::HardwareReadingExceptionException for hardware reading problems
hokuyo_aist::IndexErrorBad index error class
gbxnovatelacfr::InsPvaDataINS position/velocity/attitude information
hokuyo_aist::InsufficientBytesErrorInsufficient bytes to calculate checksum error
hokuyo_aist::IPAddrStructure to store an IP address
hokuyo_aist::LineLengthErrorIncorrect line length error
gbxserialacfr::lockfile::LockedByOtherProcessExceptionThrown when we try to lock a resource which has been locked by another process
gbxserialacfr::lockfile::LockFileExceptionException thrown by lockfile functions
hokuyo_aist::LogicErrorLogic error class
flexiport::LogReaderPortSimulated port using a log file
flexiport::LogWriterPortLogging implementation of the Port class. An underlying Port object is used to perform the actual communications. All actions taken by that port are logged, including data transferred. The log file can be used with a LogReaderPort to simulate a Port object and perform testing
hokuyo_aist::MisplacedLineFeedErrorMisplaced line feed error
hokuyo_aist::MissingFirmSpecErrorMissing firmware specification error
hokuyo_aist::MotorSpeedErrorInvalid motor speed error class
hokuyo_aist::NoDataErrorNo data error class
hokuyo_aist::NoDestinationErrorNo destination error class
gbxiceutilacfr::Notify< Type >A data pipe with callback semantics
gbxiceutilacfr::NotifyHandler< Type >The object which implements the callback function
hokuyo_aist::NotSerialErrorNot a serial connection error class
hokuyo_aist::ParamEchoErrorParameter echo error
hokuyo_aist::ParseErrorParse error
gbxsmartbatteryacfr::ParsingExceptionException for parsing problems
flexiport::PortBase Port class
flexiport::PortExceptionException thrown by the Port class and its derivatives
hokuyo_aist::ProtocolErrorBase protocol error
gbxnovatelacfr::RawImuDataRaw IMU information
hokuyo_aist::ReadErrorRead error class
hokuyo_aist::ResponseErrorBad response error - may be sent in response to any command
gbxgarminacfr::RmcDataGps data structure
hokuyo_aist::RuntimeErrorRuntime error class
gbxserialdeviceacfr::RxMsgA base-class for a message received from the device on the other end
gbxiceutilacfr::SafeThreadA version of the Thread class which catches all possible exceptions
hokuyo_aist::ScanDataStructure to store data returned from the laser scanner
hokuyo_aist::Scip1ResponseErrorBad response error (SCIP1 version)
hokuyo_aist::ScipVersionErrorSCIP version error class
hokuyo_aist::SensorHokuyo laser scanner class
hokuyo_aist::SensorInfoSensor information
gbxserialacfr::SerialEncapsulates a serial port
gbxserialdeviceacfr::SerialDeviceHandlerHandles the serial port
gbxserialacfr::SerialExceptionException thrown by Serial
flexiport::SerialPortSerial implementation of the Port class
hokuyo_aist::SetIPErrorSet IP error class
gbxnovatelacfr::SimpleConfigMinimum information to configure the receiver in INS mode
hokuyo_aist::StartStepErrorBad start step error class
gbxutilacfr::StatusLocal interface to component status
gbxutilacfr::StoppableAn abstract interface class representing an stoppable activity
gbxiceutilacfr::Store< Type >Thread-safe storage for a single data objects
gbxutilacfr::SubHealthConvenience class which allows feedback on the health of a subsystem
gbxutilacfr::SubStatusConvenience class which maniupulates the status of a subsystem
gbxutilacfr::SubsystemStatusStatus for a single subsystem
flexiport::TCPPortTCP implementation of the Port class
gbxiceutilacfr::ThreadA minor extention of the IceUtil::Thread class
gbxserialdeviceacfr::TimedRxMsgReceived message plus a timeStamp: a simple container to keep the two together
flexiport::TimeoutAn object used to represent timeouts
gbxiceutilacfr::TimerA handy class that performs timing functions using Ice Time class
gbxutilacfr::TracerLocal and remote tracing
gbxutilacfr::TrivialStatusA trivial implementation of the status API which does not assemble information
gbxutilacfr::TrivialTracerA simple implementation of the tracer API which prints to cout
flexiport::UDPPortUDP implementation of the Port class. This class provides UDP communication between two known end points. It cannot send to any address other than the configured address
hokuyo_aist::UnknownLineErrorUnknownLine error
hokuyo_aist::UnknownScipVersionErrorUnknown SCIP version error class
hokuyo_aist::UnsupportedErrorUnsupported feature error class
gbxgarminacfr::VtgDataVector track and speed over ground data structure
hokuyo_aist::WriteErrorWrite error class

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