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Hardware Reviews for GbxNovatelAcfr

These tests were done to qualify the driver for acceptance according to the principles of project operation (2.1.2 Criteria for acceptance). The original versions (and following discussions) can be found in the archives for the devel mailing list.

Novatel ProPak V3 (OEMV) receiver with Honeywell HG1700AG62 IMU (Michael Moser)

  • Hardware:
    • Novatel ProPak V3 (OEMV) receiver
    • Honeywell HG1700AG62 IMU

  • Software:
    • gbxnovatelacfrtest, built as per example.readme.

  • Hooked up receiver and ran test program with different parameters (-m ins/gps -v): Enables the expected messages, prints out message-types/contents (depending on -v)

  • Set baudrate too low (9600 for -m gps, 38400 for ins): Fails as expected in Config.isValid() (with appropriate message).

  • BestGpsPos: Roughly checked lat/lon (google-earth, marker on our lab), heightAMSL (~30m sounds right for our lab), sigmas look ok (~2m lat/lon, double that for height), GpsWeekNr 1487 sounds right (~28 years * 52), timestamps are consistent with report-frequency, number of observations is sensible (6-10).

  • BestGpsVel: Same as pos, speed hor/vert is zero as expected, heading meaningless as expected

  • RawImu:
    • Accelerations: verified values and signs by aligning different axis with gravity (checked 0, 1g, -1g for all axis)
    • Gyros: verified values and signs by turning 180deg, and integrating program output manually (done for all axis)

Roughly verified:
  • InsPva status: goes through the expected cycle (inactive, aligning, need to perform maneuvers)
  • BestGpsVel/Pos: status/solutionStatus/solutionType

Not Tested:
  • InsOffset_, vehicleBodyRotation_, setImuOrientation_, InsPva (signs, values), BestGpsVel (signs, values): These guys are not testable in a bench-top setup

Novatel Pro-Pak-G2 plus receiver (Alen Alempijevic)

  • Hardware:
    • Novatel Pro-Pak-G2 plus receiver
    • assorted cables (RS232 connection)
    • GPS antenna
    • 12V power supply

  • Software:
    • gbxnovatelacfrtest, built as per example.readme.

  • All tests performed with Novatel GPS unit, no IMU unit connected on moving vehicle

  • Antenna cable disconnected from GPS receiver: Driver displays [Antenna power status: Powered; Antenna open flag: Open; Antenna shorted flag: OK], terminates after 10 seconds

  • Started driver with antenna disconnected, connected antenna as soon as possible: Driver displays [Antenna power status: Powered; Antenna open flag: Open; Antenna shorted flag: OK], termination occurs after 10 seconds without reflecting the status, possible insufficient time to detect hardware change..

  • Connected driver at different baud rates (19200, 38400, 57600, 115200) Driver displays BestGpsPos data, no error messages and terminates after 10 seconds

  • Connected driver at 9600 baud rates Driver displays error message and terminates The combined data-rate of the messages/message rates you configured exceeds the configured baud rate 28800 / 9600 Invalid configuration!

Roughly verified:
  • Temperature (ambient, rising during parking under sunlight).
  • Position reported: drove the vehicle with GPS mounted and position reflect the vehicle motion
  • Velocity reported: drove the vehicle with GPS mounted and recorded velocity readings appeared to reflect the vehicle motion

Not Tested:
  • Connecting the IMU and getting the integrated solution

  • SBAS and RTK Is there a way to select these as configuration parameters on command line?

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